Youíve come to this page, so it appears that you want to know a little more about me. So OK, here goes.

I graduated (which seems eons ago) with a degree in Journalism from Temple University, and a masterís degree from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. 

Iíve had a varied career, which included doing stints on the radio as an environmental reporter, freelance writer of magazine and newspaper articles, speech writer, script writer, and writer of anythng to make a buck. For a number of years I served as a public information officer for the City of Philadelphia, writing speeches for the mayor and other city officials, as well as running PR campaigns of all types.

I served as chairperson of the Computer Management Information Sciences program at Holy Family University in Philadelphia. When I arrived at the college, they had one small computer lab running CP/M computers and teaching Fortran and COBOL, with a little of BASIC thrown in. I revitalized the program, with the support of the College President, Sister Francesca, blending computer science with business, and introducing courses such as database management, telecommunications, and system audit and design.

 Iíve been a prolific book writer, as the list of books on my home page indicates. Iíve had best-selling books with Sybex Computer Books (such as over 300,000 copies of The ABCs of WordPerfect), Osborne McGraw Hill, and Microsoft Press. My book This Wired House, the Microsoft Guide to Home Networking, has been called the ďgospel of home networking.Ē My books have been translated into some 14 languages, and I was once the "featured author" on the Microsoft Press website.

I am now retired and living in Florida with my wife Victoria.